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“Salesforce gives 360 customer view and also gives full flexbility to build custom solutions like Tender Management​”

Nadya Hauer

Head of Data and Architecture, cargo-partner


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Transforming Logistics: How cargo-partner Leveraged Salesforce for Global Efficiency


cargo-partner, a leading logistics provider, faced significant challenges with their outdated CRM system. The inability to scale, lack of visibility throughout the customer lifecycle, and siloed customer data were hindering their growth and efficiency.


Salesforce as the Solution

To overcome these challenges, cargo-partner adopted Salesforce, creating a single point of entry for all sales data, including leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities. They modeled a complex tender management process within Salesforce, implemented a sales KPI monitoring solution, and ensured seamless integration with the existing system landscape. This transformation enabled self-sufficiency in maintaining the system.


Conclusion and Future Outlook

The implementation of Salesforce has revolutionized cargo-partner’s operations, enabling them to scale globally, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer engagement. With a commitment to leveraging technology for continuous improvement, cargo-partner is well-positioned for future growth and success.



  • The legacy CRM system couldn’t scale with the company’s growth.
  • There was no end-to-end visibility of the customer lifecycle.
  • Customer data was scattered across various systems, inaccessible to all users.
  • Potential customer data was not being captured or utilized effectively.



  1. Global Expansion: With Salesforce, cargo-partner now operates efficiently in 40 countries.
  2. Salesforce Integration: The deployment of 1,250 Salesforce licenses demonstrates the depth of Salesforce integration within their operations.
  3. Rapid Deployment: Achieving a minimum viable product (MVP) in just 3 months illustrates cargo-partner’s agility and efficiency in adopting new solutions.

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