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Financial Success


Unite your teams with a single, flexible platform that puts the customer at the centre. Make smarter client decisions and get access to better customer insights.


said their bank doesn't understand their specific needs, goals and preferences *


are not strongly convinced that their bank has their best interests at heart *


of baby boomers use payment services provided by fintech companies *

* Source “Salesforce Connected Banking Customer Report.”

Our Offerings

Accelerate digital process innovation across the front, middle, and back office and put your customer at the centre of everything. Build customer trust and increase employee productivity with Financial Services Cloud.

Finance Solutions

Supercharge advisor productivity to focus on client needs with Financial Services Cloud.

Make customer satisfaction the focus of every interaction.

Engage customers with the insightful, personalised journeys they’ve been waiting for.

Be Self-sufficient on Sales & Revenue Cloud 

Value we bring on the table

Accelerated Go-Live Time

Our efficient implementation process gets your Salesforce system up and running quickly, minimizing downtime and accelerating time to value.

Customized for Your Business

We ensure that your Salesforce implementation reflects your business’s unique processes and goals, enabling personalized customer experiences and efficient operations.

Scalable Solutions

Our implementations are designed not just for your current needs but also for future growth, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Enhanced ROI

By optimizing your Salesforce setup from the start, we help maximize your investment, driving better results across sales, customer service, and marketing.

We Are Sales & Revenue Cloud Experts


Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)


Subscription Management

Order Management


We empower our customers navigate confidently through the changing digital landscape while embracing their own unique strengths and talents.

Cost Effective

We show value without the hefty price tag.

Women-first Team

Pink Samurais is proud to be a platform that champions a women-first team. 

High Quality Output

We have an obsession with high quality output and we take pride in delivering such to our customers.

Experienced Team

Our seasoned Samurais have an average of 10 years of experience which ensures best practices are always followed.

Certified Consultants

All of our Samurais are Salesforce certified.


It is a great pleasure to work with Karan and his colleagues. They always adapted to our needs and also brought a lot of knowledge into the project. We will for sure prolong our working agreement.

CEO, Regli Energy Systems

Thanks Manali for your efforts. Your level of work is excellent as well as your attention to detail. Your efforts are having a really positive impact. Everything is done on time and within the expected framework. We appreciate it!

Manager, Sommet Education

We are so excited about this and can’t thank you enough. This will make a big difference in how we do our jobs.

CEO, Direct Mortgage

We are very happy with how the project was managed and really appreciated your efficiency and dedication to helping us create a database that really works for the organisation.

PA to Director, South London Gallery

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