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Regli Energy Systems

“It is a great pleasure to work with Karan and his colleagues. They always adapted to our needs and also brought a lot of knowledge into the project.”

Julian Munzel

CEO, Regli Energy System


increase in efficiency with multi-language and multi-pricelist support

Product Used:

Salesforce CPQ
Sales Cloud

Streamlining Sales: Regli Energy Systems’ Journey with Salesforce CPQ


Regli Energy Systems, a startup revolutionizing the heat pump market in Switzerland, faced the challenge of efficiently managing their products, pricing, and quotations. The need for a robust quoting tool was essential to support their growing business.


Salesforce CPQ as the Solution

Regli Energy Systems turned to Salesforce CPQ to address their challenges, opting for a solution that promised:

  • A swift rollout within just 2 months, demonstrating the agility of their team and the flexibility of Salesforce CPQ.
  • Support for multiple pricelists, catering to the diverse needs of different markets.
  • Creation of multi-language quote templates, ensuring clear communication with customers in Switzerland’s multilingual landscape.
  • Empowerment for the team to maintain and update the system independently, ensuring long-term sustainability and adaptability.


Conclusion and Future Outlook

By implementing Salesforce CPQ, Regli Energy Systems has significantly improved their quoting process, enabling faster, more accurate quotes and better customer service. This strategic move not only supports their current operations but also lays a strong foundation for future growth and innovation in the energy systems market.



  • Comprehensive product and pricing management
  • Efficient creation and management of quotes



  1. Quick Implementation: The Salesforce CPQ system was rolled out in just 2 months, a testament to the efficiency of the solution and the dedication of the Regli Energy Systems team.
  2. Licensing & Scalability: With 10 Salesforce licenses, Regli Energy Systems is equipped to manage their sales process smoothly and scale as their business grows.
  3. Customer Self-Sufficiency: The team’s ability to maintain the system ensures that Regli Energy Systems can adapt to changing market demands and update their quoting processes as needed.

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