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CPQ & Billing

Health Check

Identify & solve your CPQ challenges fast 


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Facing Any of these CPQ Challenges?

Quoting Woes:

  • Is it a cumbersome, multi-click odyssey to generate a simple quote?
  • Are there too many product bundles or customizations that make it hard to configure accurately?

Pricing Headaches:

  • Do you find yourself constantly battling with price adjustments and discounts?
  • Is your pricing data complex and difficult to manage?

Approval Process Abyss:

  • Are quotes stuck in a slow, molasses-like approval process?
  • Is the process unclear or inefficient?


Slow System, Slow Sales:

  • Does your CPQ system lag or take forever to respond?
  • Are slow quotes impacting your sales cycle times?

Integration Isolation:

  • Are there critical processes, like credit checks, that aren’t integrated with CPQ?
  • This can cause data silos and slow things down.

Product and Pricing Delays:

  • Is it a struggle to get new products and pricing updates rolled out quickly?
  • This can leave your sales team frustrated and out of sync.

Manual Mayhem:

  • Are you still relying on manual processes for subscription billing?
  • Automation can save you time and reduce errors.


3-Step Complimentary CPQ Health Check Process


Step 1: Quick Check & Introductions

Identify high-level issues impacting quote turnaround time and accuracy.

What it covers:

  • Brief discussion of current CPQ usage and challenges.
  • Quick review of key configurations like product data and workflows.
  • High-level recommendations for improvement.

Step 2: Deep Dive CPQ Health Check

Deeper dive into your CPQ setup, uncovering inefficiencies and optimization opportunities.

What it covers:

  • In-depth discussion of current CPQ processes and pain points.
  • Analysis of user adoption, data quality, and automation workflows.
  • Identification of specific bottlenecks and areas for optimization.
  • Recommendations for configuration adjustments and best practices.

Step 3: Recommendations

Comprehensive review with a detailed roadmap for optimization.

What it covers:

  • Extensive discussion of current CPQ usage, goals, and challenges.
  • Full analysis of configurations, data management, integrations, user workflows.
  • Identification of all optimization opportunities and potential cost savings.
  • Prioritized recommendations with a detailed roadmap for improvement.
  • Follow-up consultation to discuss implementation strategies.

Optimize CPQ & Billing

Are you tired of slow quotes, pricing headaches, and manual processes slowing down your sales cycle?

You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle with outdated CPQ and billing systems that create bottlenecks and frustration.

At Pink Samurais, we help companies like yours optimize their CPQ and billing for a smoother, faster quote-to-cash flow.

Here are a few customer stories that have taken their CPQ and Billing health seriously, and their success shows.

The path to CPQ and Billing wellness is a call away.

Why opt for CPQ Health Check?

  • Clean Up Your Data: We ensure accurate product configurations and pricing so you can generate error-free quotes with confidence.
  • Automate the Mundane: Free your sales team from manual tasks with automated workflows for quote generation, approvals, and invoicing.
  • Empower Your Team: Provide them with a user-friendly system for self-service quoting and real-time insights to close deals faster.
  • Boost Efficiency: Streamline your CPQ process, reduce errors, and improve win rates with a robust CPQ and billing solution.

We empower our customers navigate confidently through the changing digital landscape while embracing their own unique strengths and talents.

Cost Effective

We show value without the hefty price tag.

Women-first Team

Pink Samurais is proud to be a platform that champions a women-first team. 

High Quality Output

We have an obsession with high quality output and we take pride in delivering such to our customers.

Experienced Team

Our seasoned Samurais have an average of 10 years of experience which ensures best practices are always followed.

Certified Consultants

All of our Samurais are Salesforce certified.

Be Self-sufficient on Sales & Revenue Cloud 


It is a great pleasure to work with Karan and his colleagues. They always adapted to our needs and also brought a lot of knowledge into the project. We will for sure prolong our working agreement.

CEO, Regli Energy Systems

Thanks Manali for your efforts. Your level of work is excellent as well as your attention to detail. Your efforts are having a really positive impact. Everything is done on time and within the expected framework. We appreciate it!

Manager, Sommet Education

We are so excited about this and can’t thank you enough. This will make a big difference in how we do our jobs.

CEO, Direct Mortgage

We are very happy with how the project was managed and really appreciated your efficiency and dedication to helping us create a database that really works for the organisation.

PA to Director, South London Gallery


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