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Deep Dive into Composable Product Catalog & Pricing in Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management

Salesforce’s Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) suite introduces a powerful new player: Composable Product Catalog & Pricing (CPCP). This article dives deep into the technical aspects of CPCP, exploring its architecture and how it empowers Salesforce administrators to manage product data and pricing with newfound flexibility.

Centralized Product Model: A Single Source of Truth

At the core of CPCP lies a centralized product model. This model acts as a single repository for all product information, including attributes, variants, relationships, and pricing configurations. This data is accessible through a unified API due to inbuilt API First design, ensuring consistency across all Salesforce applications and customer touchpoints.

  • Product Definitions: Products are defined using standard and custom fields, allowing for granular control over product characteristics.
  • Relationships & Hierarchies: Model product relationships (e.g., upsells, cross-sells, bundles) and define product hierarchies for easy navigation and organization.
  • Configurable Pricing: Define pricing rules and logic in a modular way and link it to product model. This enables the creation of dynamic pricing strategies based on various factors like customer segments, product combinations, or real-time market conditions.

Headless APIs: Unleashing Integration Power

Composable Product Catalog & Pricing (CPCP) leverages headless component APIs to break free from traditional monolithic commerce platforms. These APIs provide programmatic access to the centralized product data model, allowing for seamless integration with any customer engagement layer within Salesforce.

  • API-driven Product Management: Salesforce admins can manage product data programmatically through these APIs. This enables automation of tasks like product creation, updates, and deletion.
  • Custom Storefront Development: Utilize the product and pricing APIs to develop custom storefronts tailored to specific customer segments or channels (e.g., B2B portals, mobile apps).
  • Integration with External Systems: Extend the reach of CPCP by integrating with external systems like ERP or Marketing Automation platforms using the provided APIs.

Benefits for Salesforce Administrators

  • Simplified Product Data Management: Manage all product information from a single location, streamlining workflows and reducing errors. No more maintaining duplicate product data one for CRM/CPQ and one for Commerce. And no need for connector as well.
  • Enhanced Automation Capabilities: Automate product lifecycle tasks through the power of APIs.
  • Improved Developer Experience: Well-defined APIs provide developers with a clear path to integrate product data and pricing into custom applications. E.g a PIM system or and ERP system.

Security Considerations

  • API Security: Salesforce provides robust security mechanisms for API access control. Salesforce admins can define user permissions and implement granular access controls to ensure data security.
  • Data Governance: Establish clear data governance practices to maintain data integrity within the centralized product model.


Composable Product Catalog & Pricing offers a powerful and technical solution for managing product data and pricing within the Salesforce RLM suite. By leveraging a centralized model and headless APIs, CPCP empowers Salesforce admins to streamline product management, enable automation, and unlock new levels of integration flexibility. This paves the way for businesses to create dynamic and personalized customer experiences, ultimately driving revenue growth.

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